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Explore Cannondale Bikes at Bike Depot

Cannondale bikes are designed to keep the adventure in your ride alive. From the open road to a winding trail, let Cannondale and Bike Depot put you at the helm of your perfect ride.

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Experience the freedom of riding with Bike Depot's selection of Cannondale bikes in Canada. Whether you're looking to electrify your ride with an e-bike, a speedy road bike, an agile mountain machine, or something in between, explore our extensive catalog to find your perfect ride.

Cannondale Bikes Clearance & Closeouts

Score an epic deal on a Cannondale bike! We're offering great deals on select models. Get ready for some serious savings and hit the road or trails with style.

Cannondale Synapse Carbon 2 RLE
$5,749.00 $7,215.00 20% Savings
Cannondale SuperSix EVO CX
$4,469.00 $5,265.00 15% Savings
Cannondale Topstone Neo SL 2
$3,749.99 $4,665.00 20% Savings
Cannondale Habit 3
$3,333.00 $4,165.00 20% Savings

What's New with Cannondale in 2023

Cannondale Electric Bikes

Cannondale's NEO e-bike collection combines the best of two worlds - electric power and human effort. For a powerful upgrade to your morning commute, road rides, or trail adventures, Cannondale is sure to exceed expectations with its highly responsive handling, thrilling speed, and ultimate comfort. Reimagine the joys of riding today!

Cannondale Mountain Bikes

Unlock your full confidence as you explore off-road adventures on a Cannondale mountain bike. Whether hardtail, full-suspension, or downhill – one thing is for sure - these bikes deliver unbeatable performance and control so that you get the most out of every single ride. Conquer any terrain with confidence when riding a Cannondale mountain bike.

Cannondale Road Bikes

Cannondale road bikes are the ultimate race-winning machines. Constructed with uncompromising precision, they combine remarkable lightness, rigidity, and aerodynamic excellence to provide you with a ride that is as responsive as it is rapid. Experience unbeatable control at high speeds - let Cannondale take your performance up a gear!

Cannondale Hybrid Bikes

Cannondale's hybrid bicycles are perfect for any kind of rider, offering a combination of versatility and comfort that allows you to easily transition between fitness adventures, daily transportation needs, and leisurely rides in Toronto. Whether your goal is health and wellness or simply the love of biking - Cannondale has the fit, performance, and style needed to get out on two wheels.

Cannondale Kids Bikes

Cannondale is devoted to helping kids get their start in the world of cycling. Let your little ones experience the thrill and joy of riding through Cannondale kids bikes and cultivate a lasting love of riding. They provide young riders with quality, diverse options that can keep up as they grow, and an unrivaled dedication to making sure every ride is enjoyable for kids!

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Cannondale Owner's Manuals

Access important information about the proper use and safety of Cannondale bikes.

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Cannondale Product Registration

Secure your peace of mind with a Cannondale's product warranty.

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Cannondale Limited Warranty

Feel secure riding the best bikes on the market, knowing Cannondale has you covered.

Why Buy Cannondale Bikes from Bike Depot?

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We Have Answers

Our experience in the cycling industry spans over three decades enabling us to offer superior service and product knowledge.

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We Got You Covered

When you buy a Cannondale bike from Bike Depot, all tune-ups are covered under our limited 5 year service warranty.

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Ride Now, Pay Later

We’ve partnered with Financeit to offer you affordable monthly payment options for your Cannondale bike purchases.

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We Truly Care

Ride into the future with us - our three locations provide everything you need to get up and running for a long lasting relationship.

Shopping for Cannondale Bikes at Bike Depot

If you're looking for a Cannondale bike, there's no better place to go than Bike Depot. Our selection is vast and our expert staff is on hand to ensure that you find the model that fits your needs perfectly. From mountain bikes to road bikes and electric, we have the perfect ride for everyone who seeks to experience the thrill of cycling. Moreover, when you purchase your Cannondale at Bike Depot, we'll take care of all the other aspects that come with getting on two wheels; from setting up and configuring your bike to maintenance advice, we wouldn't want our customers leaving without feeling 100% satisfied! So come visit Bike Depot today - let us make sure your Cannondale dream bike becomes a reality!

About Cannondale Bikes

At Bike Depot, we are passionate about the Cannondale brand and everything it stands for. The excellence created by their bikes has been loved by fans across the globe for more than five decades. Innovation, quality, and performance all play a significant role in every Cannondale design which make them an iconic staple in the cycling world.

For those looking for an unstoppable ride, there's no better option than Cannondale. They've been setting the standard for innovation and performance since their inception in 1971, and today their bikes are renowned for their engineering caliber. Whether you're looking to hit some trails on a heart-thumping Cannondale mountain bike or cruise the city streets with speed and ease on one of their electric models, Cannondale has the perfect ride. Every bike is handcrafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring maximum performance with each bicycle. Truly, no matter what style of ride you choose, Cannondale has it all to keep your journey rolling along.

Deciding Which Cannondale Bike to Buy

When it comes to deciding which Cannondale bicycle to buy, there are a few key factors that should be considered.

You need to first determine the type of riding you be doing. Are you looking to join weekly group road rides, visit local mountain bike trails, or will be using your bike leisurely and for transportation needs? We offer a wide variety of Cannondale mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid, and kids models that can accommodate any of these scenarios and we can help guide you in your purchasing decision.

You should consider the frame material as this has an impact on the price point. Cannondale bikes are available in both aluminum and carbon fiber designs. Typically aluminum frames are available on most entry levels models while carbon frames take you into the high-performance and racing categories.

You should also take into account the components of each bike; some Cannondale models come with proprietary parts. Some models come stock with Shimano or SRAM drivetrains and brakes at different tiers (entry and high-end). Wheels are also a huge consideration. We always say one of the biggest investments you can make are the bike wheels, however, wheels can sometimes cost as much as a bike frame or drivetrain system. You'll need to take these thoughts into account as it'll impact your budget.

Cannondale offers a wide range of prices for their bicycles, so you can find something that fits within your budget. With all these factors in mind, you should be able to make an informed decision about which Cannondale bicycle is the best for you.

Bike Depot has a Cannondale Bike for You

No matter what type of ride or terrain you prefer, Bike Depot has a Cannondale bike for you. With competitive pricing, excellent build quality, and innovative designs, Cannondale bicycles are some of the best on the market. Whether you are looking for an urban commuter, a mountain bike to tackle technical trails, or an all-rounder to do it all - Cannondale has something that will meet your needs and get you out on the road. So if you’re in the market for a new bike, make sure to stop by our store and see what we have to offer!

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