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Much like our Freecoaster, the Cortex front hub was designed for the streets. Using the same proven narrow flange spacing as our famous Dynamic front hub, the Cortex comes out of the box with x2 Nylon fibreglass hubguards which are long lasting and replaceable for a very low cost. This hub has been tested by the team over the past year and is designed to keep you grinding on and on and on… This hub features a longer 35mm bolt to accommodate plastic pegs and for a stronger female bolt setup.
The Fireball Tire was designed with street riders in mind. Available in a super-wide 2.40? option (and a 2.30?) making it perfect if you like to send it down big sets or just want some meat under your wheels for when things get a little wild. With a new revised and grind friendly tread pattern, the Fireabll’s super tough construction and all-around friendly design make it the perfect tire for any rider looking for something that’s built to grip and last. The Fireball uses our “Pangolin” sidewall and “Cobweb”layer technology, making it incredibly puncture-proof and resistant to damage during grinding.
The Mirage Tire might just be the most advanced tire we’ve ever designed. Built on the premise of a super light tire that was strong enough for the toughest street riders on the team, the Mirage uses a high-performance 120tpi casing and a specially designed dual compound tread that is smooth in the center, but with plenty of grip on the outer tread for traction and control whilst cornering and carving. The Mirage was also designed with street riders in mind and uses a full bead-to-bead “Silkshiled” protection layer and a special outer ridge which acts like a bumper and prevents the sidewall getting damaged during grinds. Rated up to 110psi, the Mirage tire is perfect for street riders and ramp riders alike, and is one of the lightest tires on the market, but sacrifices none of the strength and quality that a lot of lighter tires give up in exchange for weight savings. Available in 2.25? (56.5mm), 2.35? (59mm) and 2.45? (63mm) options in both regular wire bead, and a super light kevlar folding bead for those looking to reduce weight even further.
"Eclat PRO Ty Morrow based his signature Morrow Bars bars off our current DIVE bar but with some changes to the bending, geometry and the tubing thickness to make these things indestructible. Available in Black and C.P. in 22.2mm and 25.4mm OS clamping. We used a unique 20.5mm plain gauge cross tube on the Morrow Bar to prevent against the twisting that a larger 10? bar can come under especially with Ty’s powerful riding style. This allowed us to also increase the dent resistance without having to increase the diameter and damage the aesthetics of the bar."
The Torch is our all-pivotal compatible seatpost that comes in a range of sizes for a range of riders. The Torch features a star shape wall structure and a beautiful CNC finish. - Material - 6061-T6 3D forged alloy - Size - 25.4mm - Length - 135mm (mid) , 230mm (long) - Colors - Black, Silver Polished
The Seeker Pedal was born out of desire and need. Many of the Eclat PRO team asked for a pedal with a larger platform than most, but with a slightly thinner profile. Using twin sealed bearings and a bushing for extra support, the Seeker pedal’s design allowed us to enlarge the size of the axle and make it stronger than your typical unsealed pedal, and also much smoother and longer lasting.
Our riders asked for a low profile, micro style pedal using the loose ball bearing system and integrating a crmo spindle, we scratched our heads and shortly after delivered the Slash nylon pedal. It’s somewhere close to perfect in size, features a lightweight design and has a nice knurled top surface.
The Torch is our all-pivotal compatible seatpost that comes in a range of sizes for a range of riders. The Torch features a star shape wall structure and a beautiful CNC finish. - 25.4mm - 135mm (mid)
$34.99 - $39.99
The Venom peg uses a two-piece steel/plastic design based on the ‘classic sleeve’ system. Our aim was to create a plastic sleeve peg with a diameter similar to a standard steel peg. This lead us down the route of a steel/plastic design with a slim crmo inner peg wrapped in a generous thickness of our specially developed hardwearing nylon-fiberglass compound. When testing the prototypes we saw these pegs going beyond 6 months of hard riding! If you want to grind fast give these a go. Now available in a longer 4.8? option for those who need that extra length. - Material - 4140 crmo liquid heat-treated with separate nylon/fiberglass sleeve - Size - 14mm axle, adapter included for 3/8? - Length - 4? / 4.5? / 4.8? - Outer Diameter - 38mm - Colours - black, army green, white, purple - Features - low friction nylon/fiberglass for faster grinding / sold as single / small diameter plastic peg / replacement sleeves available - Weight (4?) - 180g (6.34oz) - Weight (4.5?) - 193g (6.80oz) - Weight (4.8?) - 202g (7.15oz)
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